New Vendor User Notification Options
Vendor users now have options for suppressing notifications from Woven. Configuration options are available by navigating to Vendors > selecting the vendor, then user in question > and scrolling to the Vendor User Notification Suppression section.
Vendor Users
Supplies Increments and Mobile Redesign
Improvements to the supplies user interface will now provide users with the ability to increase supplies incrementally and enhances the mobile experience.
Supplies Mobile
Tasks UI Improvements
Woven is happy to announce new changes to the Tasks menu allowing for an improved Tasks experience on desktop and mobile devices.
Woven Tasks
New Team Chat Profanity Filter
Woven Team Chat now features functionality to obscure obscene language via the Profanity Filter.
New Parts Usage Export Features
Woven Part Usage exports now contain additional columns for tracking part categories, asset tag numbers, manufacturer, and manufacturer model.
New Add Parts to Work Order functionality
Woven customers can now more easily add parts to Work Orders, eliminating the need for making multiple clicks prior to manage their parts. Simply click on the Work Order, select Parts, and click Add Part to display a slide out immediately displaying all parts, as well as filtering options for identifying parts, tracking parts against locations and vendors, date the part was used on, reason for adding the part, and the new work order parts status.
WO Parts Mobile
WO bottom 1
New Vendor User Options in Woven
Woven customers can now add third-party vendor employees as users in Woven, eliminating the need for vendor contacts to be added as Team Members. Enhancements to data security will now only allow Vendor Users to view work orders and assets associated with their specific Vendor. New integration options will automatically open new work orders within vendor ticketing platforms (Matrix, with more coming soon). We are also happy to introduce new Vendor User options to allow for easy management of multiple Vendor Users for a single Vendor.
12 - Add Vendor User
Export Supply Order Details
Supply Feature
You can now export your supply orders into a CSV/Excel spreadsheet. Go to "Management" >> "Supplies" and select "Export Supply Order Details" at the top right. In the pull-out panel, filter by location, creation date, open or closed status, and supplier. Then select "Export" to complete your report.
Incidents Enhancements
Incident Feature
We've made a number of enhancements to "Incidents" that will help you manage them more effectively:
1. Incidents Main Table
  • A new consolidated table view makes it easier to see your data at a glance. You can easily toggle between "Consolidated" and "Full" views.
  • The addition of an incident number assigned to each incident serves as a helpful reference point.
2. Individual Incident View
  • "Date Created," "Date Submitted," and "Incident #" have been added to individual incident pages.
  • To make individual Incident data easier to comprehend at a glance, we've moved "Back Office" information to it's own tab.
3. Back Office Tab
  • Back Office is now a separate tab.
  • You can now add more than one note. (Once you've posted a note, the option to add a new one will appear.)
  • You can edit and delete notes.
  • You can make a list of line items within a note.
Location Audit Export Capability
Location Audit
The Woven Team has added the option of exporting location audit reports into Excel directly from the Location Audit tab. This added function will speed up the report process, especially if you have a lot of data to run.
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