Generating Policy Acknowledgement Packets
Packet 1
You can now monitor Policy Acknowledgements in bulk for your Team Members.
Packet 2
To generate a packet of Policy Acknowledgements, go to Management > Team Members and click on the name of the team member. From the Policies tab, click the Send Policy dropdown arrow and click on Acknowledgment Packet. From the slideout, select All, Most Recent, or individual acknowledgements to export a document containing all acknowledged policies for that team member.
Copying Location Audit Template Sections
Users can now copy Location Audit Template Sections and their Questions to make creating Location Audits even easier.
Location Audit
Go to Management > Location Audits > Settings and click on the audit you would like to edit. Mouse over the Section tile and click the green copy button to generate a copy of the Section at the end of the section tiles list.
Import Assets Moved, New Fields Included
Import Assets functionality has now been moved under the Exports action button on the Assets page.
Assets 1
Click the Exports dropdown arrow and select Import Assets to view a slideout displaying options for downloading the Import Assets template to provided with a .csv file that already includes the required header rows, including the following new additions...
  • Purchase Price
  • Purchase Invoice Number
  • Purchased From
  • Additional ID
  • Room Number
  • Notes
Assets 2
Room Numbers Included in Work Orders
New functionality within Work Orders allows users to search Work Orders by the room number an asset is included in. Room numbers will now also display when manually adding an asset to a Work Order.
Room Number
New Asset Details and Filters
Updates to Assets now include two new fields under Asset Lifecycle - Purchased From and Invoice Number. These additional fields, as well as Room Number and ID Number have also been added to Maintenance - Assets reports.
New Scheduling Rules by Position
Updates to Woven Scheduling allow managers to enforce shift scheduling rules by position, including minimum and maximum numbers of hours and shifts for full- and part-time employees.
Shift Alerts
To configure these new rules go to Account Settings > Positions.
Announcements Status and Editor Updates
Two new updates make Woven Announcements better than ever!
Announcements filtering now includes a new Announcement Status allowing users to filter by Upcoming announcements.
Announcement_Management Status
Additionally, Announcements has been updated to include a rich-text editor allowing for new announcement content formatting options.
Advanced Labor Plans UI Updates
Managers and employees with appropriate access will see updates to Labor Plans under Scheduling. When viewing a labor plan in Advanced Plan mode, the Click To Update links for positions/dates will display a slideout for adjusting hours.
Woven Now Integrates with Crimcheck!
Team Members Feature
Account Settings
Woven is proud to announce our new integration with Crimcheck! Crimcheck users can now automate their team member background screenings via Account Settings > Integrations. Setup instructions are available in the Woven help center - click here to get started!
New options for viewing upcoming Time Off requests
Schedule Suite
Within Scheduling, users can now view approved and pending time off requests. Click the calendar button to display the week's time off information within a slideout.
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